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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Who said that the object the media is to "educate and unite the masses."

When you hear someone use the term "masses" what kind of person springs to mind?  Karl Marx and the people that followed him spoke of the people as "the masses."  Another believer in "he masses" and the power of the media was a certain Mr. Hitler, who said

"The art of propaganda lies in understanding the emotional ideas of the great masses and finding, through a psychologically correct form, the way to the attention and thence to the heart of the broad masses."

Liberal know this well. The success of Jon Stewart is testimony to the effect of simple minded ideas delivered with smirk, face-palms and a snark is testimony to his ideas being able to influencing an entire generation.

Another way of building a lie is to pass it along as a throw-away line on the way to making another point. Liberals in the media are excellent a this. Ron Fournier tossed on the accusation that Bush lied us into the Iraq war on the way to making another point and because the other point was the issue under discussion, no one called him on his lie.

I associate references to "the masses" as coming from people who think themselves better, brighter or wiser than the people they are describing.  Those who view themselves as the ruling class.  Mao Zedong and all other Communist dictators always referred to "the masses."  To them, they are a herd to be moved in a certain direction, with all the individuality of a cow.  The masses are never people with individual souls; with individual hopes, dreams and lives.  That's also how Liberals view the people who are not like them.

So who said that the object of the media is to "educate and unite the masses?"
1. Adolph Hitler
2. Karl Marx
3. Mao Zedong
4. Ron Fornier
5. Jon Stewart
6. Fidel Castro

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