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Friday, February 27, 2015


Ron Fornier reporting from New Hampshire

A crowd is huddled inside the Lawrence Barn Community Center in Hollis. Men wear flannel shirts and work coats to keep off the creeping November chill. Women in fleece pullovers or parkas dislodged from the closet for the first time since March rub their hands together for warmth.

The warmest person in the building is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who works the room after speaking under the TV lights for 30 minutes and taking citizens’ questions for 20 more.

Ron Fournier — distinct in his fashionable black jacket, pressed jeans and once shiny dress shoes now caked with New Hampshire mud — approaches a woman who clutches a Sharpie and a copy of Walker's book: "Unintimidated".

“Excuse me, do you mind if I ask what you thought of the governor's speech?”

Woman: “I thought it was great. I liked how he related to average people, you know? I don’t hear a lot of candidates talking about how to make it easier for low-income families to succeed in America.”

Ron Fournier: “It didn’t bother you that his second cousin once removed said Tom Brady wears ladies underwear?

Woman: “Who said that?”

Ron Fournier: “Walkers second cousin once removed. He said it at a Milwaukee fund-raiser three weeks ago. Thus far, Walker has failed to disown his cousin, denounce the comment, or apologize to Tom Brady for it.

Woman: “Give me his address and I’ll go apologize to Tom Brady for it.”

Ron Fournier: "Never mind, I need to write one of my trademark columns where I claim neutrality while sliming Republicans. Oh, did you know that Bush lied to get us into Iraq?"

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