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Tuesday, February 24, 2015



Ron Fournier is a charlatan who pretends to be a neutral observer, but is instead a Democrat partisan hack.  He thinks it's beneath contempt for Giuliani to question Obama's patriotism.  But Fournier has no problem telling us that Republicans are unpatriotic for opposing - and continuing to oppose - ObamaCare.

And I would say not “almost” rooting for failure. There are many Republicans rooting for failure and I frankly find that unpatriotic. The law’s been passed. We should all be doing what we can to make it work.
Rick Nolte:

... unlike Giuliani, Fournier isn’t questioning the patriotism of The World’s Most Powerful Man, a man with legions of political and media supporters  to rush to his defense. No, Fournier questions the patriotism of ObamaCare opponents.

Captain Integrity’s principles on this issue are now pretty clear. There is a pattern. According to Fournier, fighting against The State (ObamaCare) and criticizing The Leader of the State (Obama) are the only true acts that reach the level of unpatriotic.

Beyond the “unpatriotic” hypocrisy, Fournier’s chilling belief that we must all get in line to make a law like ObamaCare work is almost beyond comprehension. To paraphrase “The Princess Bride,” I’m not sure the word patriotism means what Ron Fournier thinks it means. 

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