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Wednesday, May 06, 2015


The Left Really isn't in favor of free speech.

“I perfectly understand that a believer can be shocked by a satirical cartoon about Mohammed, Jesus, Moses or even the Pope. But growing up to be a citizen, is to learn that some ideas, some words, some images, can be shocking.
“Being shocked is part of democratic debate. Being shot is not.”

I have gotten used to having my religion mocked, derided and impugned. I don't like it, but have gotten used to it as Liberals become increasingly aggressive atheists.  But it has not made me want to get my gun and kill them.  For the first time in my life there is an actual religion that instructs its adherents to kill those who insult it.  

And Liberals defend that religion.  

COWARDS AND CENSORS LOSE ONE: Charlie Hebdo Receives Free Speech Award, Standing Ovation at PEN Gala. But don’t forget who the cowards and censors were. They revealed themselves.

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