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Saturday, April 02, 2016


From the Woodpile Report

Star Tribune Minneapolis, about this year's St. Patrick's Day violence - The board member said hospital staffers told his family that there were many victims of assaults that night. Minneapolis police spokesman John Elder, however, said there were two reports of assaults and a stabbing during and after the parade. Hundreds of teens were roaming downtown that evening, but there wasn't as much violence as the previous St. Patrick's Day. Teens blocked traffic and got into fights; criminal complaints are being pursued in a handful of cases this year... The board member, however, said he wished city officials had warned the public that they could be in jeopardy. “Why wasn't the public made more aware?” he said.
art-remus-ident-04.jpg "Teens" as used here means subSaharan African American People of Colour under thirty but over ten. It's a journo thing, a blatant coverup, one of many reasons people know to a certainty the news media are dishonest and resolutely so. This is not reporting, it's advocacy, meaning service to a cause, in this case—reverent pause—Diversity. We can rightly consider the words of an advocate, but not those of a dishonest one. A cause best served by deception reveals itself more persuasively than any opponent could.

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