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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Those darned rules

Bud Norman is a great writer from Kansas with whom I have a love-hate relationship because he's right about so many things and wrong about others.

He recently wrote an essay about The Donald "pouting" about the rules that gave all of Colorado's delegates to Ted Cruz.  To read the while thing go here.

But there is another side  to this story that gives some weigh to Trump's pout,which I represented here:

Bud reminds us all that people who work for newspapers as “reporters” and “editors” don’t know Jack about the stuff they write about. Didn’t you, dear reader, go into this nominating process believing that caucuses and primaries in which you, dear readers, would decide who the party’s candidate would be would decide the candidate? Well, like Donald Trump, you were fooled by these incredibly smart members of the press who tell you what’s important, what to think and how to think about it because they don’t know Jack.

But you’ll forget about the fact that the People-of-the-Press don’t know Jack about pretty much anything until they start writing about something that you do know Jack about. At which point you’ll realize you’re dealing with particularly stupid dummies; but you’ll forget about it when you switch to the next fable on the page when those who don’t know Jack spout off about stuff they don’t know Jack about.

Which leads me to the issue of “pouting;” a word which seems to come in for its share of use because it’s the schoolyard taunt of people who are winning because the game is rigged and when the losers complain they are taunted for complaining. The schoolyard taunt works everywhere it seems except the schoolyard where pouting gets the principal and the teachers to give you everything you want. Like in the case of Emory, University of Missouri, Yale, Harvard, University of Tennessee, University of California, … oh hell the list is too long … let’s just make it “Academia.” There people pout about imaginary slights, grievances, cultural appropriation, Halloween costumes, chalk on the sidewalk, a priest identified as a KKK member, imaginary gang rapes and – by golly – they get what they want and the staff and faculty cheer them on.

So, you see, pouting works because people who believe that the game’s been rigged because they believe what the press – that doesn’t know Jack – has lied to them about the rules of the game are going to be upset that the lies that the press that doesn’t know Jack has told them. Because there is one thing that the Country Class on all sides of the political divide believe in: fairness. And when they see that the rules promulgated by the Ruling Class to keep them in power rig the game so that the peaceful voice the people have via elections is replaced by rules designed to shut them up, they are apt to realize that the peaceful way of getting rid of the current Ruling Class may have to be changed. That’s the point where the Ruling Class had better hope that the people with guns and badges are on their side or they may find that lampposts have other uses.

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