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Saturday, April 16, 2016


The State of Trump's Soul

A great many people in the Conservative commentariat are couching their criticism of Trump in religious terms.  Since the primary Republican candidate standing between Trump and the Republican nomination is Ted Cruz, a man whose campaign began at Jerry Falwell's  Liberty University, the partisan divide is understandable.  

It's a shame. 

I never knew that we had so many people concerned about the state of a candidate’s soul as a condition of leadership.  While I’m a Christian I’m fully prepared to vote for someone who is not if I consider that person right for the job or at least better than the alternatives.

This entire discussion about Trump’s Christianity reminds me of the last election where Romney was asked about abortion.  The question came out of the blue for the sole purpose of bringing up the old claim that republicans were waging a war on women.  

And, of course, there was an underlying current of bigotry against Mormons which may have kept some evangelical Christians home on Election Day.

So the question of the day seems to be whether Trump is a good Christian.  I’m not aware that Trump ever brought up his faith except as the answer to a question.  Is he a great Christian?  No, not unless there's something about him we don't know.  Great Christians don’t go to church only at Christmas and Easter.  He doesn’t teach Sunday School.  And he exaggerates.  Some say he lies.  Fine.  He’s been married three times and has had had sexual relations with women not his wife.  But if we’re going to invoke Jesus let’s remember what He said about the woman caught in adultery “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.” 

Is he a good person?  Compared to whom?  Saint Timothy called himself the chief of sinners so I’m shocked, shocked to find so many upright people with the authority to denounce Trump for his manifold sins.  Closer to home, we find that all his wives, present and past still like him.  His children honor and support him, which – let us remember – was not true of Saint Reagan.  Others have vouched for his charity to people in need.  And he has provided jobs for tens of thousands of people who work for him.

So hate him, denounce him, swear to vote against him, but don’t use the shopworn excuse that it’s his lack of Christian virtues that makes you do that.  It makes you a hypocrite.  Ironically, Jerry Falwell Jr. who heads Liberty University endorsed Trump.

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I don't care so much if Trump is a Christian or not, but I do care about his character. The things that Trump does as a sign of his character are very important to me.

The fact that he can lie over and over again, the fact that he can manipulate people knowingly and without remorse, the fact that he can set people against one another on a par with Barack Obama bothers me. The fact that he makes people look at themselves as victims beset by an unfair system while using and supporting that system for his own benefit bothers me.

Since Trump is running as a Republican and denounces the stupidity of the recent administrations and Congresses, yet he has supported many members of these congresses whose policies he says are stupid. If he thought what the Harry Reids and the Nancy Pelosis were doing dumb things why did he give them financial support.

The thing I don't know about Donald Trump is who is he, what does he believe, I'm not sure anyone knows.
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