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Saturday, April 02, 2016


Michelle Fields Is Not Black and Blue

When #TheDress became a viral sensation last year, you had people who were absolutely positive the dress was gold and white while others looking at the same picture were just as sure it was black and blue. It was a stupid meme, but it dominated the news cycle and had family members screaming “Are you fucking blind?!” at each other. The same thing is happening with this Michelle Fields case. I see a woman gingerly moved out of the way, while almost everyone I know sees a woman being assaulted.

There is plenty of photographic and video evidence of the exchange, but it doesn’t seem to affect people’s perception of what happened. Once again, the more we are confronted with evidence that contradicts our beliefs, the more steadfast we are in those beliefs. The initial videos show a close-up of Fields touching Trump, and an aerial view was released by police this week that shows more details. What is irrefutable is that on March 8, after a press conference in Jupiter, Fla., Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields approached Donald Trump and was moved out of the way by Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski. There is audio of Fields acting like it was a big deal to The Washington Post’s Ben Terris, but I was happy to get on with my day a few seconds after seeing the first video...

For the record, I think Michelle Fields is full of shit. I think Ben Terris placated her because she’s pretty and he’s a horny beta male. I think her bruises are self-inflicted. She didn’t look down at her arm in the video, which is the first thing you do when someone inflicts pain. I think she’s an attention whore who wants to dominate the news more than she wants to report it. She has a book coming out and all this hype is good for sales. She also has a history of histrionic complaints. I’m dubious of her supporters and suspect many are being overly chivalrous. This is a common trait among conservatives. When I suggested it’s okay to hit a woman once for every twelve times she hits you, the feminists I argued with told me I was wrong because all hits should be one for one, while the conservatives said the opposite and insisted you can never hit a woman no matter how many times she hits you. Republicans were equally irrational when Rush Limbaugh used the word “slut.” The left pretends women are big men, while the right insists they’re still little girls. I’m an egalitarian. If you want to play with the big boys and try to get a scoop by breaking the rules, you can’t act all incredulous when it doesn’t work out.

I think the real reason so many people are jumping on this case is because they already hate Trump and hope this will solidify the accusation that Trump is a violent threat to our national security. We have become a nation of wimps who are so dangerously naive, we prefer infiltration to appearing intolerant. I don’t share this sensitivity. I believe the best way to deal with violence is better, stronger, smarter violence. If someone gets in your way, move them. If they attack you, wipe them out.

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