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Thursday, April 07, 2016


How stupid can you be?


This came about because Everyone mistook a priest for a KKK member

Imagine if the priest had chalk.

One comment has it exactly right:

Out here in the real world, do you college students have any idea of how IDIOTIC you all appear to be? I mean this is not a mere matter of making a mistake. This is a sign of a very serious mental disorder run rampant on campuses. Even among those who appear to recognize that a mistake was made here, there is a calm acceptance of the idea that reacting to a KKK outfit actually required a campus wide meltdown. Even one of you who sees it was a mistake calls the reaction "reasonable." Absurd. This is a sign you are all losing a basic sense of reality. For heavens sake STOP already. The rest of the nation is doubled over in laughter at you - but in fact ought to be frightened as to what you all portend for the rest of us.

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