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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Chelsea bombing proof PC police stuck in pre-9/11 mindset

Another great column by Michael Goodwin.

The blood ran when the Chelsea blast injured 29 people, but now come reports that make the blood boil: The feds failed to connect the dots that might have prevented the weekend from hell.

The reports reveal several critical facts, starting with the most important. The father of alleged bomber, Ahmad Khan Rahami, called law-enforcement authorities in 2014 and said his son was a terrorist.

The New Jersey police turned the information over to the FBI, and agents interviewed the father, The New York Times reports. But when the father recanted his charge, the bureau apparently closed the case.

Political correctness means that too many terrorist attacks are not prevented. the police are left to collect the bodies, gather evidence and try to arrest the killers.  There were clear signs in other atrocities before they resulted in mass death.

...too many innocent Americans have paid for that mistake with their lives. How many more must die from political correctness?

And just the other day the FBI told us that terrorism is a fact of life, the new normal, something we have to learn to live with ... or die.

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