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Wednesday, September 21, 2016


On the Rumored Death of Hillary Clinton

Bud Norman is having some fun with Hillary's body-double. But gives himself away.

Our Bud is obviously buying in to the body double nutcake theory when he writes: “…she’s not the most physically fit women in the world…” using the plural of woman. It’s Freudian slip, and a sure tell.

That’s what you get when you spend months spreading nutcake theories and bizarre accusations against Donald Trump who is in the process of overtaking the “Weekend at Bernie’s” Democrat candidate.

But since she lives (we are not supposed to speak ill of the dead) we can remind Bud’s readers of the fact that the woman who started her corruption in Arkansas so many years ago taking a bribe for a mere $100,000 disguised as profits from trading cattle futures has grown into the corrupt witch that created a safe-haven for terrorists in Libya, left her ambassador and three other brave men to die in Benghazi, managed to turn the Arab spring into a disaster that has now caused the greatest refugee crisis since World War 2, has taken multi-million dollar bribes disguised as gifts to her “foundation” from the worst collection of crooks and dictators since the bar scene in Star Wars and transmitted all of our countries secrets via the internet to anyone who had the desire to hack into her private server while lying about it to everyone within the sound of her voice. All of this is offset by the fastidious who simply can’t vote against this ambulatory pile of political corruption because her opponent, who is not tied to the bipartisan cesspool that’s Washington, has been married three times. Having been married to the same woman for 47 years I understand Bud’s revulsion.

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