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Saturday, September 24, 2016


When will the Virginian Pilot stop lying about voter fraud?

The Virginian Pilot says that voter fraud doesn't happen. They lie.

People know that people cheat if given the chance.  That's why they support voter ID laws.  People care about their vote, and don't want it cancelled out by fraudsters.  

Here is a story from Colorado about dead people voting.  

[this is a link to the video which has an auto start that's too irritating to keep on this blog]

The truth is that the Virginia Pilot approves of voter fraud, just as it approves of giving convicted felons the right to vote.  

The reason's simple.  They believe that people who commit voter fraud and convicted felons are probably Democrats.  And they want Democrats to win elections, preferably honestly, but by fraud if necessary.  The writers, editors and management of the Virginian Pilot are Democrat operatives with a printing press.

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