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Saturday, August 31, 2019


Muslim Black Slavery - Islam Slave History of Black Africa

The REAL Story of African slavery.

Via Baldilocks

A review of the book:

Before reading this book, I thought that I was reasonably well-informed on the history of Islam, and I was wrong. The immense scale of the horror inflicted on black Africans by Islamic slavery over 1400 years is stunning, and make no mistake, the practice continues today.

I found this book while looking for an English translation of Tidiane N'Diaye's Le génocide voilé. He gave a interesting interview to the French media recently in which he contrasted the 100 million living descendants of black African slaves in the New World to the few scattered villages of survivors in the Islamic world. As you come to understand the reasons why, the horrors unfold.

John Alembillah Azumah provides an excellent, meticulously footnoted treatment of this incredible subject, and does so from the prospective of one seeking inter-faith dialog. This is not a product of academia, but of religious scholarship. Research in this area and publication of this material would be almost inconceivable in an academic institution under the strictures of pro-Islam political correctness.

That could be the most shocking part of this book. Not the material itself, which is as horrible as history can be, but the willingness of Western apologists for Islam to ignore entirely that jihad against the infidel for the purpose of murder, rape, enslavement, and subjugation is in fact a core tenet of Islam.

Interesting points: most of the slaves crossing the ocean survived (90%) and were allowed to marry. 

Most of the slaves the Arabs kept for themselves were women to be used as sex slaves, the men were castrated and became soldiers.  Roughly 90% died before reaching the slave markets.

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