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Friday, October 29, 2021

The Final Form of the Neocon Is Leftist: Liz Cheney Adopts the Left's Deplatforming Language to Pressure Fox to Stop Providing a "Platform" to Tucker Carlson

 The neocons are coming home again to the left-liberalism they strayed from 40 years ago.

A hallmark of the left's jihad against free speech is the claim that to even permit speech is to endorse that speech.

It's not enough to say, "I disagree with racism."

No, you have to define yourself fundamentally as a "committed anti-racism activist."

And it doesn't stop there. You're not allowed to even permit a BadSpeaker to speak. To permit him to speak is to be Complicity In Crime, to be an accessory to Word Murder.

Thus, the deplatforming craze on the left. No one can even speak at colleges except for those approved by the most leftwing of the leftwing vanguard of college student radicals.


 If you're a "libertarian" only as regards the kinds of sex the left wants to have and the kind of propaganda it wishes to instill in children at government schools, but then endorse bloody authoritarianism when it comes to enforcing the left's ever-growing list of blasphemies and heresies, guess what, you're not a libertarian, and certainly not a "conservatarian."

There's a more accurate term who supports license for all the thing the left likes to do, and repression of all the things the left doesn't like to do: that term is "leftist."

Not "libertarian." Not "conservatarian."

Just "leftist," same as the people at Salon and The Nation and New Republic.

So stop calling yourselves "libertarians" and "conservatarians."

You're just sexual-libertine leftists that approve of Drag Queen Story Hour and support the censorship of, and ultimately vigilante violence against, critics of Drag Queen Story Hour.

Read the whole thing. 

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