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Friday, May 27, 2022

Comment about the police action in Uvalde

 How in the hell can anyone stand outside of the school while hearing gunshots coming from a classroom full of kids and not do SOMETHING.

If you're a cop and you have a gun, you damn well better beat down that door after the first shot.

If there is no shooting, I get it...maybe a hostage situation.

But once a shot is fired you go.

I understand that law enforcement officers are not obligated to risk their lives to protect anyone.

If true, that's even more reason to own a gun ad learn how to use it.

Start thinking of the police as revenue generators for your town/city and that would be an accurate job description.

They carry guns to protect themselves. You? Not so much...

The liberals have demonized and feminized law enforcement at every turn, and this is the result.

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