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Monday, May 30, 2022

The week in whoppers: Biden’s ‘unifying’ race riots, CNN’s inflation problem and more


This statement:

“Two summers ago, in the middle of a pandemic, we saw protests across the nation the likes of which you hadn’t seen since the 1960s. They unified people of every race and generation. Athletes and sports leagues boycotted and postponed games. Companies and workers proclaimed ‘Black Lives Matter.’ Students staged solidarity walkouts.”

 President Biden, May 25

We say: Biden must have been in his basement in summer 2020. Peaceful protests quickly turned into riots and looting, and Americans took notice: Their support for Black Lives Matter fell 12 points between June and September 2020, per Pew. NPR’s headline on an Ipsos survey that same month: “Americans Increasingly Polarized When It Comes To Racial Justice Protests, Poll Finds.”

According to the Left, there's nothing quite as unifying as a summer of race riots.

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