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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Virginian Pilot Blames Racism for Everything


The headline: Prayer vigils are being held across Hampton Roads in response to racially motivated shootings nationwide

But that's a lie.  When a young Hispanic man enters a mostly Hispanic grade school in Texas and kills nearly 20 people, you have to be racially obsessed, like the people who write and edit the Virginian Pilot to attribute that horrific crime to racism.  When a mentally deranged white boy who identifies as a radical Leftist kills ten people in a Black neighborhood in Buffalo, people obsessed with skin color scream "racism" instead of mental illness.  When an ethnic Chinese man enters a Church in California and begins shooting other Chinese people the cry goes out from the races-obsessed that "it's racism."

The writer of the article is Caitlyn Burchett and she identifies as a Staff Writer.  She's young, white, and appears race-obsessed.  Like many on the Left, she's busy stoking the fires of racism.  

Dozens of parishioners and community members gathered on the steps of Norfolk’s Basilica of St. Mary — the only African American basilica in the country — Monday evening to pray for an end to racism and violence following coast-to-coast hate crimes earlier this month.

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