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Monday, July 31, 2006


Michella Malkin on Qana

If I seemed annoyed tonight on The O'Reilly Factor when Mr. O. said it doesn't matter what really happened at Qana, well, yes, I was annoyed.

The truth matters.

Thank God for persistent bloggers and non-dhimmis digging and scrutinizing and asking questions the blinded, blase MSM won't care to ask.

Remember Pallywood.

And the Big Jenin Lie.

And the Iraqi museum looting hype.

And CNN's deal with Saddam. And Nic Robertson, Hezbollah tool.

And the NYTimes' news-stagers and sycophants.

And photo-staging suspicions in Ramadi.

And rampant insurgent photo propaganda everywhere.

That is the context in which people who refuse to sit back and swallow the Theater of Jihad are viewing Qana. Reuven Koret at Israel Insider goes behind the scenes:

EU Referendum looks closer. Dan Riehl looks closer. Allah Pundit looks closer. Ms. Understimated looks closer.

Why doesn't some MSM hotshot stop smoking figurative hookah with Hezbollah and do some actual journalism? Who the hell is that Green Helmet holding up those poor dead babies as props and why does he always seem to show up where the jihadi propagandists need a helping hand?

Larry? Christiane? Nic? Anderson? [Fill-in-the-blank network anchor]? Anyone? Anyone?

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