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Saturday, August 12, 2006

"NBC Today" Fake Shot

Newsbusters busts NBC's Today Show for this report by Richard Engel on the results of Israel's attacks in Lebanon. NBC shows a picture of an ambulance with a hole in it's roof as "proof" that Israel is attacking ambulances. The problem is that the hole, which is right in the middle of the Red Cross on the roof, could not possibly be the result of a hit by any weapon.

A shell or missile that size hitting the ambulance would not leave the rest of the vehicle intact. All that you would see would be twisted wreckage and a debris field. A more reasonable explanation for the hole is the removal of the emergency light or siren which also explains why the hole is centered precisely on the cross.

Click on the link for the story and pictures.

I called the NBC Today show and spoke to a representative asking for the name of the person who is responsible for authenticating the material that goes out on the air. The representative replied that they do not give out names of anyone on the show. When asked, replied that he did not know of anyone who actually fact checks these things.

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