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Saturday, April 07, 2007


The "Backlash" Bogeyman Resurrected

Do you remember how, shortly after 9/11 there were stories all over the MSM worrying about the “backlash” against Arabs? The fear of Americans rampaging through the street hanging anyone who looked vaguely Arab may be an exaggeration, but there was no question that the people who populate the MSM believed that there would be widespread discrimination, open hatred and violence against Arabs by Americans.

It turns out that you have to get pretty outrageous to get noticed as an Arab. In fact the "Flying Imams" had to go through quite a few parts of their script before the fellow passengers on the plane finally had had enough. Of course they are now the poster-children of the MSM types who always see their fellow countrymen as blatant bigots waiting to explode. Oh wait, those are the followers of the "Religion of Peace" in suicide vests.

That was 5 years ago and the feared “backlash” did not occur. But as a bogeyman for the MSM, it keeps rising from the dead.

The latest example is our own, much loathed, Virginian Pilot. The earlier article I cited was biased enough; this is the follow-up editorial written as if it were a new article.

Writer GILLIAN GAYNAIR uses the vehicular homicide of two teen-aged girls by a drunken illegal immigrant from Mexico and screams:

Hispanics wary of fallout from deadly crash in Virginia Beach.

The powers-that-be in the area are a little incensed that Bill O’Reilly took the occasion of these deaths to point out that there is an interesting policy in place in Virginia Beach. That policy prevents the police from trying to determine if you are an illegal alien if you are arrested for a crime. A crime such as drunken driving. A crime for which the man who killed the two girls has been arrested and convicted … three times … in the seven years he has been illegally in this country. He was so drunk at the time he killed the girls that he can’t remember the crash.

Gaynair finds the usual suspects; the ones who:

…fear that because of Alfredo Ramos, people will categorize all Hispanics as drunken drivers and unauthorized immigrants. Ramos, 22, is charged with aggravated involuntary manslaughter in the deaths of Alison Kunhardt, 17, and Tessa Tranchant, 16. He had a record of three alcohol-related convictions in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake and had entered the country from Mexico illegally.

Read the rest of the sob story HERE.

The Pilot has one columnist - Kerry Dougherty- who is often a voice of reason.

Police Chief Jake Jacocks, for instance, said he found it "ironic that had the intoxicated driver been born and raised in Virginia Beach, little notice would have been given this senseless tragedy by the media or the community at large."

Wrong, Chief.

Any time an alleged drunk is accused of killing two people, it's news.
Unfortunately, when the culprit is a homegrown hairball, we're stuck with him.
In this case, the suspect, 22-year-old Alfredo Ramos, admitted he is in the country illegally.

The public was astonished to learn that not only had Ramos had earlier brushes with the law, but during those encounters - including a DUI conviction in Chesapeake - the Mexican's immigration status was of no interest to authorities.
We all know the laws are a federal matter and that the feds don't do enough to enforce them. Still, the cities didn't even try to find out if Ramos was here legally.
That's why the common-sense crowd is outraged.

After O'Reilly's television show Wednesday night, the city was flooded with e-mails about the Ramos incident. So with the whole world watching, how did officialdom deal with a growing crisis?

It dropped into a defensive crouch, hinted that those who want immigration laws enforced are reactionaries, and stubbornly pretended that last week's ghastly accident was just another car wreck.

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its time that illegal immigrants and their lobbys learn that the US public view them as guests who are wearing out thier welcome. Being so , anyone who is not on thier best behavoir is going to get attention, has nothing to do with race. This has to do with empowering law enforcement every tool available to fight crime such as drunk driving in this case. This driver shold have been deported, lg ago. How can they say, as guests that we are racisist if we hold them to a higher standard when they break laws, the attenton is becuase they are illegal immigrants, yes, nothing wrong with that. If these people want to immigrate they need to proove they are worthy. This is what the story is about in a nutshell: open boarder people feel that there should be no standards for whom ever wants to immigrate, and that immigrants should have the same rights as citizens, even the same penalties, and often lesser penalties because they are poor than citizens. But they fail to understand the culture they wish to leave, that has low standards for right and wrong, is the very reason they leave, an come to the US a place with values, and thus explains thier irrational fear that US citizens would backlash with out regard to law.
I understand your sentiments and I agree with them on the whole. But we are NOT holding illegal immigrants to higher standards. We are holding them to OUR standards. If a man commits a crime and, when arrested, is found to have committed a second crime, this should be taken into account.

We can’t deport our home grown criminals. We can deport criminals who should not be here in the first place.
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