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Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Contacting the Justice Department

So I decided to see what would happen if I used the Justice Department's e-mail site to request a response to what appeared to be voter fraud.

I sent this e-mail:

I understand that the DOJ held a conference this year on the subject of voter suppression. A source in the department discusses the tenor of this conference here.


From this whistleblower we learn this:

"But even worse was the presentation by one of his career lawyers, James Walsh, obviously made with Kappelhoff’s approval.

Walsh is a former Voting Section lawyer who transferred to the Criminal Section after working for Senator Ted Kennedy on a detail. Not surprisingly, Walsh is also a contributor to Obama, which is certainly on par with the almost $150,000 that DOJ lawyers and staff who live in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia have contributed to the Obama campaign, including John Bert Russ, the lawyer in the Voting Section who is responsible for the observer program that will send out hundreds of federal observers on election day.

Walsh made it clear that the Criminal Section intends to use the civil rights statutes to criminally prosecute anyone they consider to be engaging in voter “intimidation” or “oppression.”

The accusation is made that during the conference “Every single example of wrongdoing that Walsh and other presenters used in their presentations talked about Republicans: there was not a single example of any wrongdoing committed by any Democrats in the entire two-day conference.”

In view of this heightened emphasis son preventing voter suppression, please tell me what the DOJ is doing about the apparent flagrant suppression of Republican votes by Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner who has a reputation as the most partisan state official in Ohio. The Deomcrat's latest stunt rejected absentee ballots for thousands of Republicans."

I refer to this article by Peter Bronson at Cincinnati.com


I will be posting your response on my blog at http://moneyrunner.blogspot.com/

I would appreciate a name and phone number of a spokesperson for the DOJ who can address these issues.

Thanks in advance,

...and got this reply:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Justice. This is an automatic acknowledgement that your e-mail was received. It will be reviewed in the order it was received.

I persisted:

There appears to be a coordinated effort in Missouri by law enforcement officials to suppress campaign ads critical of Barack Obama.

News 4 in St.,Louis reports that prosecutors and sheriffs are joining an Obama advocacy group and threatening to take legal action against anyone who, in their opinion, runs a "misleading" ad or accusation.

This is a blatant attempt by law enforcement at intimidation of their political opposition. These are people who can have you arrested and thrown in jail.

What is the DOJ doing to halt this unconstitutional activity now, not went the campaign is over.

For video click on this link http://www.stoptheaclu.com/archives/2008/09/27/missouri-governor-accuses-obama-of-conspiring-to-violate-civil-rights/

The reply:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Justice. This is an automatic acknowledgement that your e-mail was received. It will be reviewed in the order it was received.

I pleaded:

I have not received a reply.

Why not.

The reply:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Justice. This is an automatic acknowledgement that your e-mail was received. It will be reviewed in the order it was received.

I remonstrated:


Is there any intelligent life at the DOJ?

The reply:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Justice. This is an automatic acknowledgement that your e-mail was received. It will be reviewed in the order it was received.

I threatened:

You don't have anyone reviewing your e-mails, do you?

I'm blogging about this correspondence and Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit will pick it up.

HELLO! Is there anyone there?

The reply:

Thank you for contacting the Department of Justice. This is an automatic acknowledgement that your e-mail was received. It will be reviewed in the order it was received.

I'm not giving up, pixels are cheap.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has linked to this post. Welcome Instapundit readers.

Glenn has also provided the names, addresses and phone numbers of the people at DOJ who are apparently falling down on the job.

U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Criminal Section, PHB
Washington, D.C. 20530

(202) 514-3204

(202) 514-8336 - FAX


Mark Kappelhoff

Deputy Chiefs

Bobbi Bernstein
Mark Blumberg
Stephen Curran
Kenneth Gibson
Brent Gray

You may just want to see how much interest we can generate, how many people can call and ask for Mark Kappelhoff. Always start at the top.


Beautiful. Just wait until early next year - they'll even do away with the "This is an automated response..."
FYI, the standard e-mail format at DOJ is firstname.lastname@usdoj.gov.
Per your comments: I just called the DOJ and got the run-around from a bunch on know-nothings, who finally took my name and number, after telling me no one was available to talk right now. I don't know if anyone will ever call me back, but my guess is this: No.
Try calling their PR division, usually entitled public affairs. The average government guy isn't gonna talk to you, could even get in trouble over it, because that's public affair's turf. Public affairs of course won't know squat, but then *they'll* call the people who do, which is rather like you doing the same.

Brian Roehrkasse
(202) 616-2777

Peter Carr
Deputy Director
(202) 616-2777

Gina Talamona
Deputy Director
(202) 616-2777
I am also a Virginian. And I sent a note to Instapundit, complaining that i had spent this entire morning trying to get anyone to answer me. I spent half an hour on hold at this number: 800-552-9745, and was finally disconnected. He said to try my congressman, who is a Democrat. I am not holding my breath. Do you have any other ideas? Oh, and I also tried the numbers that reader Dave suggested. That's for the media, and they wouldn't talk to me.
I just called the DOJ number listed and after 5 transfers I was told the subject of voter fraud investigation must come from the FBI. I was given this number to call: 202-324-3000
I called back and asked for Mark Kappelhof?. The person answering the phone asked me who was calling? I answered: "a concerned citizen"
Her response...Mr. Kappelhof does not speak to citizens!!!!!!!!!
Well, that was even worse than expected....After several transfers from 202-514-3204, I finally got some one that seemed to know she could address ACORN issues.

After she said she was aware of ACORN, I asked her what DOJ was doing. She said (great paraphrase/very near quote) "Well you can be aware of something without doing anything about it...."

Excuse me, I said. I cut her off. I was quickly pissed.

She insisted, "For example, you can be aware of rising gas prices witho....”

I jumped all over her.

"Hold on a second ma’am! Rising gas prices are not criminal. How can your department be aware without acting? That would make you criminal."

She did not like that much, but she at least did not hang up. I was freaked out by her. Would I have the patience to deal with this woman?

I hounded her for her name. No luck. "Security reasons". She repeatedly told me that I was talking to the Public Integrity Section, Criminal Division, DOJ.

I asked again if the DOJ was acting against the fraud. She said, "I can assure you we are vigorously pursuing what we can..." or something like that. She used some turn of phrase that gave the DOJ an out. It was not "we will get them there, we will get them here, and we will get them everywhere". What she said was more like this, “the DOJ is vigorously pursuing until a twist from the Dark Side of the force gives us an out.”

I hounded her some more for name and a way to track the call. She told me you are calling the Public Integrity Section, Criminal Division, DOJ at 3:13pm. She, I think, but don't know for sure, had someone coaching her for the last half of my call. I was never belligerent or too ugly. But I certainly shut her down with the comment about “being aware without doing anything”. Anyway, I think a coach was there with her. I could here a voice nearby.

Finally, at the allowance of this coach, I believe, I got her to say she works for a Chief by name of William Welch.

This unnamed lady's Phone number is: 1-202-514-1412.

I called it back to confirm she was not using disinformation. I said thank you. She said, “You're welcome Mr. Myname.” That was kind of funny. Either caller ID or she certainly had made notes earlier.

Fine. Bring em on. Slacker bastards. Dozens of people should already be under federal charges.

Final note: Every person I spoke to on the way to "gas prices" lady, was clearly pissed I had asked them to think about this. The lady at the main number was as unprofessional as could be and clearly pissed her phone was ringing so much. She did not answer with a DOJ salutation, only an exasperated blurt of something resembling hello. Every transfer along the way was increasingly agitated to hear the word ACORN. It was palpable. 5000 miles between us and I could hear the hate for my audacity.
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