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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Counting Chickens before they roost

"JohnHuang2" at FreeRepublic:

The media keep insisting that their bogus polls show Obama already won the elections, with the only unfinished bidness being . . . having the elections.

This 'confidence' must be why they're going after a plumber in Ohio, prying the lids off his garbage cans, rummaging inside his plumbing fixtures looking for clogged pipes containing evidence this obvious Neo-Con Fascist/Zionist/Rove-Halliburton AmeriKKKan Mossad plant called "Joe the Plumber" had staged the Gulf of Tonkin incident, brought down WTC Building 7, frolicked in the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza. For evilly framing the Teleprompter Jesus by asking him a question, libbies are going bananas.

Sen. Joe Six-Term accused Joe the Plumber of being a liar, blasting McCain for palling around with "this guy Joe the Plumber . . . I don't have any Joe the Plumbers in my neighborhood that make $250,000 a year." He confirmed this by checking with Katie's restaurant that was closed twenty years ago.

Running his positive campaign as usual, Obama attacked Joe the Plumber as a liar, asking a crowd of lemmings in a mocking tone, "how many plumbers do you know making a quarter of a million dollars a year?" Joe the Plumber didn't say he was making $250K per year. He told Obama he may be "getting ready to buy a company that makes about $250,000, $270,000" a year, but that Senator Government's planned tax hikes to stimulate the economy will keep him from buying the company. Jug ears then gives his Hugo Chavez-esque game away -- all he wants to do is "spread" Joe the Plumber's "wealth around."

Obamatron Michael Brown complained on Fox News that McCain is using Joe the Plumber as a 'distraction'. Obama and Biden can't stop talking about Joe the Plumber, so they must be in on it. Brown said "the McCain campaign now are talking about Joe the Plumber as much as possible, because any time they can get off the issues that matter to the American people, they think that's a winner for them . . . but Barack Obama and Joe Biden are going to focus on things that matter," such as reports that Joe the Plumber is unlicensed!

Among the other signs that Democrats are supremely "confident":

-- In Nevada, hysterical Democrats are wailing about a GOP ad that accuses Obama, a chum of William Ayers, of being . . . a chum of William Ayers. Citing "historians", they complain that pointing out Obama's close ties to a domestic terrorist could "stir dark passions," including "a desire" to inflict violence. Who knows, someone could start bombing the Capitol!

-- reports that "Wizbang has obtained a copy of a Facebook e-mail sent by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor" to a 16-year-old friend of John McCain's youngest daughter, Bridgette, "in order to snoop into [her] private life." In her e-mail message, Kantor pretended that she was only seeking advice on how to write a 'profile' story, in the hopes of getting the scoop on Bridgette's links to unrepentant domestic terrorists!

-- Out of devotion for the First Amendment, a Democrat lawyer and Obamatron in Missouri is suing John McCain and Sarah Palin for "inciting violence against" Obama and "promoting hate speech." The lawyer, Mary Kay Green, complains that McCain and Palin "intentionally, recklessly and irresponsibly portray [Obama] as un-American" and "a terrorist by association," such as when McCain accused Obama of being "a decent family man and citizen that I just have disagreements with on fundamental issues . . ." S c a n d a l o u s. In contrast to this barbaric hate speech, Obama rapper Ludacris lovingly sang that "McCain don't belong in any chair unless he's paralyzed."

-- In its commitment to stay focused on the issues, the Washington Post is trying again to rekindle Democrat hopes that McCain has skin cancer. In an article authoritatively sourced to "physicians" who haven't examined McCain, the alleged newspaper notes that efforts to quell 'lingering' "questions about [McCain's] odds of surviving an eight-year tenure in the White House" have failed, especially since the run-down, ailing, feeble, infirm McCain is running against a smoker and former crackhead who gets skinnier and grayer by the hour and whose sidekick is known for having aneurysms. There are also 'lingering' questions about where Obama's medical records are, but, don't worry, they're probably right next to that valid birth certificate that he can't produce either.

-- Since he's supposedly got the election in the bag, Obama's buying major chunks of prime time airtime on the major TV networks, perhaps to counter Osama's habit of waiting until late October to officially endorse the Democrat candidate.

In addition to all of the above, there's ACORN trying to steal an election Obama allegedly already "won", plus his honcho lawyer demanding that DOJ probe GOP voter fraud 'claims' because such 'claims' only serve to "suppress the vote" of poor Mickey Mouse.

Zogby shows the race to be a dead heat -- just two or three points apart. Gallup's 'likely voter' poll shows the race to be a dead heat -- just two points apart. The IBD/Tipp poll shows a similar trend. And the Bradley Effect? You don't need to go back to the '82 California governor's race for evidence that the typical respondent abhors being called 'racist', telling the idiot conducting the poll that they're either on the fence or are voting for the black guy. Just whip out the exit polls during the primaries this year and you'll find the Obama Effect.

To quote a column I wrote a few months ago, "Exit polls had Obama winning Ohio by 2 points, so Hillary won by 10 points. Exit polls had Obama-Hillary 'too close to call' in Pennsylvania, so Hillary won by almost 10 points. Exit polls had the race in California 'too close to call' -- Hillary won by 8 points. Exit polls had Obama winning by 5 points in New Jersey -- Hillary romped to victory by double-digits. Exit polls had Obama defeating Hillary in New Hampshire by 4 points -- she won by 2 points. Obama won New Mexico by 6 points in exit polls but lost by 1 point in the real election. Exit polls had Obama winning Arizona by 6 points -- Hillary won by 8. Obama won Massachusetts by 2 points in exit polls -- but lost by 15 points. Obama won the exit polls in Texas by 2 points and lost to Hillary by 4 points. In Rhode Island, Hillary and Obama were tied in exit polls -- Obama lost by 18 points. The lame-o pollsters use the excuse that these polls were 'unweighted' -- and by 'weighting' they mean 'fixing' them to match actual results."

November 4 should be interesting.

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