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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Obama Administration Asserts that 70% of Americans are Racist Fascists.

Klaven On The Culture:
After decades of waiting for the federal government to act to protect the nation’s borders the state of Arizona has essentially passed a new law that is essentially the same as the federal law that has been on the books for decades so that Arizona officials can now enforce the laws against illegal immigration.


Treating people coming in from Mexico illegally as if they were her illegally. By caving in to the fringe 70% of the state’s population the cynical politicians are essentially trying to criminalize criminality.

And next what you’re trying to tell us that these illegals coming in across the border from Mexico just happen to be Mexicans.


How can you mistreat poor teeny little Mexicans with their delightful sombreros and low wages and machine guns. Don’t you understand that their country has collapsed into a dangerous thugocracy where jobs are nonexistent and drug cartels murder at will and the government stands by helplessly. All these people want is to leave that awful place and bring some of their native culture here to us. and all you can think about is the border.

Fascist! Racist! ... You are exactly the same as Adolph Hitler!

Click on the link to play the rest of the video.  Andrew Klavan is a national treasure.

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