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Sunday, May 16, 2010

"... the Affirmative Action prize of all time."

I was reading Weasel Zippers and found a comment that accurately encapsulates my belief regarding Obama's election. 
Obama is way out of his depth, having snagged the Affirmative Action prize of all time.
The last election was about repudiating Bush while providing the voter with the good feeling that he or she was voting for a non-threatening "black man." It was a mix of emotions, but part of that mix was moral preening, showing how enlightened you were by voting for the affirmative action candidate. Of course the MFM helped by airbrushing the lack of resume, accomplishment, experience and the long line of shadowy characters that trailed in Obama's wake.

Weasel Zippers notes that
2,000 US Actors, Prominent Liberals Accuse Obama of “War Crimes,” Says He’s “Worse Than Bush” For Authorizing Assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki…

What's done is done.  Sometimes the only way some people learn is my making mistakes.  This was a huge one.  How's that HopeN'Change working out for you?

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