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Friday, July 13, 2012


Obama: My biggest failure is not giving enough speeches ... or playing enough golf.

Obama: My biggest failure is not giving enough speeches ... or playing enough golf.

 To paraphrase him just a bit,  Barack Obama explains to Charlie Rose that his policies are great, just great.  He just hasn’t told the American people enough stories about how great he and his policies are.  And the people, those hapless boobs, can’t figure it out for themselves. 

Now he’s going out into flyover country where the bitter clingers live to tell them how great he is.  How his policies are going to make everything that’s wrong with America right.  The planet is healing, the seas are receding and the economy is just fine.  All we need now is a good bedtime story told by Barack Obama and we will all be able to sleep soundly.

Jim Treacher asks why the media lets him get away with that. 

I realize it’s only Charlie Rose, but this is just another example of the journalistic negligence of the last half-decade. With the exception of Bret Baier and the occasional local guy from St. Louis or wherever, Obama’s interviewers never call him on this stuff. He babbles the same stale crap over and over, and it’s obviously not true, and they just… let him.

Maybe they think they’ve helping him. Maybe they’re scared of being called racists. Maybe they’re just too stupid to know any better.

I realize none of these things are mutually exclusive.

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