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Friday, May 31, 2013


Incendiary Thought: Men Don't Whine About Work-Life Balance, They Just Get It Done

Now batting for Pedro Borbon:

Men have given up the pipe, smoking jacket and slippers routine to help around the house and do some actual parenting. We're better off for it, but I don't hear alot of whining among my set about what has been lost or the lack of balance yadayada. We do what we have to do and life is mostly good. That doesn't make for ripe or copious material to keep hundreds of Men's Studies professors preoccupied in our illustrious higher education system.

From the comments:
 Conservative women don't tend to gripe much either, they just get the job done.

The people (of both sexes) who seem to complain about life's challenges are those on the left, as well as the emotionally stunted, but I repeat myself.

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