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Friday, May 31, 2013


Tomy Macrini must read the Daily Mail

The best way to win an argument? Shout louder than everyone else.
Being confident and loud is the best way to win an argument - even if you are wrong, a new study suggests.
If you ever listen to Tony Macrini, Norfolk's morning drive-time radio talker, you know his favorite technique for winning an argument with a call-in listener, he cuts off the caller and starts shouting louder.
Macrini's shtick is cynicism. But it's a studied pose in which he's cynical about all the right issues. He's the loud-mouth version of the Virginia Pilot; impeccably politically correct having all the right attitudes about Liberal pieties and all the Liberal's enemies as his own.

But the loud, braying defense of all he considers holy is his trademark. Of course it helps if you control the microphone.

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i can remember running into Macrini at several events associated with talk radio,and thinking,as far back as the 'axe the tax' rally at Mt. Trashmore and the power parties with Hamblin and Boortz that this conservative bit he was doing was just a meal ticket,not a firmly held philosophy.He was just tired of top 40 radio.Then he got tired of conservative radio,and became a shill for the powers of the time.I quit listening a long time ago.There are much better choices these days.
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