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Friday, May 31, 2013


Those racist Liberals at the Virginian Pilot

It should now be apparent to even the blind that Liberalism is drenched in racism. Hiding behind their crocodile tears for the black community is the implicit assumption that blacks are inferior. After all, what are decades of “affirmative action” but assumptions that people with black skin can’t make it on their own. George Bush called it the soft bigotry of low expectations.
Barack Obama is our first affirmative action president; Liberals voted for him because he is – in Joe Biden’s memorable phrase – “clean and articulate” and voting for the first black president made them feel good about themselves. Chris Matthews once said “For an hour, I forgot that Obama was black.”
So to the racists at the Virginian Pilot, Rev. E. W. Jackson is a godsend. They finally have a black man they can attack with all the venom for people with black skin that have withheld for so long. The editorial pages, the Op-Eds and the letters to the editor will be filled with hate and ridicule for this good man up to and after the election for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Finally, a black Republican; finally a black man they can openly hate. What a relief.

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