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Saturday, November 02, 2013


Brown University, home of the New Fascists

Professor Ken Miller of Brown penned an op-ed to the Brown student newspaper. He chastises he students who shouted Ray Kelly, New York City police commissioner, down and did not let him speak. He concludes:

Yours was an act of cowardice and fear, unworthy of any of the causes you claim to hold dear.

William Jacobson links to Miller's speech and makes some comments. I disagree and left a comment at Jacobson's blog.

I have to disagree with Professor Miller. The students that shouted down Kelly were not cowards and they did not act out of fear. They acted with the same boldness the Fascists in the 20th Century did. The 20th Century fascists, black shirts and brown shirts who went out in the streets and beer halls to beat up their opponents were not cowards. They were evil, but not cowards. The Fascists that shouted Ray Kelly down had no concerns about being met with opponents’ fists or even the disapproval of the Brown administration and faculty. In that respect they were less brave than the Fascists that ended up ruling Italy and Germany. Like earlier Fascists long dead, they had the courage of their convictions. They are evil, but they operate in an environment that has already given up the fight for freedom and now cowers helplessly and in many cases approves. The students, administrators and teachers at Brown are the real cowards.

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