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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


An uprising of the facts is making the management of the news cycle impossible.

Richard Fernandez:
By this time in the election cycle, the public should have been awash with stories about how a poor, minimum wage worker at Walmart has lost her health insurance due to corporate greed and why that greed has is leading America closer to single payer. Everyone should now be focusing on how the resurgent economy would be trending on Twitter were it not for the sabotage of conservative news outlets — paid for by the Koch brothers.

Who would believe that reality would intrude despite the best efforts of the media to control what people talk about and how they were supposed to think about it. There are still a few weeks till the election and the spin doctors in the White House and the media as the Palace Guard will do their best to change the narrative. But it's harder to do when there is literally no part of this Administration that's believable.

From the comments:
Reality has gotten so far inside Obama's OODA loop that MSM is having difficulty propping up the Dems. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that Reality has gotten inside MSM's OODA loop, making it difficult for them to prop of the Dems.
For a while Team Obama was able to control the series of scandals because they occurred consecutively: Fast &; Furious, IRS, NSA, Benghazi, the ObamaCare roll out, the VA, Solyndra, etc. The media were able to turn the page as scandal followed scandal, the latest obliterating its predecessor. But the current crop of disasters are happening all at once: the Secret Service scandal, ISIS/ISIL, Ebola now coming to a hospital near you. And now even the low information public is beginning to understand that this government is not just oppressive and expensive but incredibly incompetent. They want to run your life but can't tie their shoelaces.

When Jon Stewart begins making jokes about Obama you begin to wonder if he would not be a better host of Meet the Press than Chuck Todd.

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