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Wednesday, October 08, 2014


Kowtowing to Headchoppers

We are informed by the always delightful Bud Norman that President Obama sent an emissary to a mosque in Oklahoma City.

Has the President of the United States sent an emissary to your house of worship to commend it for its good works? Our humble little low church on the near westside hasn’t yet been so honored, despite its many commendable efforts on behalf on the poor and unfortunate, so we’re feeling a bit slighted. The Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City recently got a high-ranking visit and official effusive thanks, after all, and none of our congregation have beheaded anyone.

The mosque wasn’t being thanked for the beheading, we are assured, but rather for its past support of the rescue and recovery efforts in the aftermath of a devastating tornado last year in the nearby town of Moore. We don’t mean to diminish the mosque’s good works, and will freely acknowledge Islam’s longstanding reputation for charity, but there’s no shaking a suspicion that the official effusive thanks from our government has more to do with the more recent beheading committed by one of the mosque’s newest converts against a former co-worker in that very same nearby town. Islam also suffers a longstanding reputation for such brutality, especially lately, and by now it’s an obligatory rite to respond to every Islamist outrage with official pronouncements that Islam is a religion of peace and has contributed greatly to world civilization and most Muslims aren’t going to chop your head off and the rest of the familiar boilerplate.

When I stood with George Bush on the war in Iraq, and even now support it (though not the nation-building that followed), I was always uncomfortable with his decision to absolved Islam of any complicity in 9/11. I realize that we he did not want to start a religious war - and even renamed it after initially referring to it as a 'crusade."

The practice began shortly after Islamist terrorists slammed airliners full of terrified passengers into the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon, when even good old President George W. Bush felt compelled to immediately rush to the nearest mosque and pose for a religiously tolerant photo-op ...

At what point are we going to stop allowing Islam to war on us without acknowledging the fact that there is a war going on and Islam started it. Invading countries is an act of war. Bombing is an act of war. The problem with the current - unacknowledged - war is that we refuse to name the enemy. It's as if we face Voldemort: "He who must not be named."

There are several reasons. The first is the all-embracing multiculturalism that pervades the Liberal portion of the American population.  The thought police on the Left strictly enforce the belief that other cultures are neither superior or inferior, better or worse, friendly or inimical. We are compelled to celebrate them all. So when the practitioners of Islam force women to wear burkas, forbid women to go out without an escort, forbid them to drive, stone women to death for adultery and subject them to clitorectomies, the women who call themselves feminists, the ones who attend "slut walks" and redefine unwanted touching as rape, are silent.

The second reason for refusing to refer to Islam as an enemy of the West is because "we don't want to declare war on 1.3 billion people."    But what happens when many of those people are part of the war on us?  If we should acknowledge Islam as the enemy of modern civilization, we will gain much-needed moral clarity and may well be surprised by the effect is has in the Muslim community.  It may have escaped the notice of people unfamiliar with war that most people in any country don't do any fighting.  They go to work, raise families and try to live as normal a life as possible.  Most Germans did not fight in World Wars 1 or 2.  From our perspective, we fought the Kaiser; we fought Hitler and the Nazis.  In the Cold War we fought against Communism and its leaders - Stalin and the butchers that followed him - not the Russians, Ukrainians, Latvians, and the of the people that comprised the USSR. 

It is time to take a realistic look at militant Islam, why it's rising, where it's centers are, who funds it and spreads its message, and why it attracts new followers in the West.  Europe has imported the agents of its own impending civil war.  We need moral clarity to make sure it does not happen here.

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It used to be that a person could look at evidence and draw a logical conclusion, but just as with global warming it doesn't matter what you see with your own eyes, an expert will tell you that what you see doesn't matter; when a citizen kills a late term abortionist all Prolifers are indicted; when a politician accuses a Tea Party person of racism and Andrew Breitbart puts up a million dollars to anyone who can prove it and nobody takes him up on it Juan Williams will still say that everybody knows Tea Party folks are racist; in Africa people are dropping like flies of Ebola but our president refuses to close our border or restrict travel telling us that would only make matters worse; and when a convert to Islam slices off a woman's head in Oklahoma we are told there is no connection to terrorism. And as we see Ferguson Missouri being destroyed, with the racial animus spreading to St Louis, nobody but nobody mentioned that the Islamist was Black and the poor woman was white and the president sends an emissary to the offending mosque. Scandal after scandal is exposed in our government with dead bodies in Mexico and Libya; because of our incompetence the sacrifice of thousands is squandered in Iraq and more thousands stand to be slaughtered but don't draw the obvious conclusions because some expert will tell you you can't believe your lying eyes.
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