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Friday, October 31, 2014


What's the upside of importing Ebola?

President Obama, the NY Times, the alphabet networks and the Virginian Pilot are telling the American people to shut up and sit down.  Stop being such hysterical pussies.

The American people are not hysterical about Ebola.  They are certainly more than happy and willing to help.  American doctors and nurses are going to the African countries affected.  American troops are beign sent there to set up hospitals and test sites.  

But Americans see a disease that kills about 70% of the people who catch it and see no good reason to import it.  They would rather it be contained at the source: Western Africa.  Not Houston, not New York, not Norfolk, Virginia. 

Ann Coulter says it well:

It's beyond idiotic for the media to keep condescendingly instructing Americans that they are more likely to die in a car accident, from food poisoning, skin cancer or heart disease, than from Ebola.

We know that. We have rationally accepted the tradeoffs in order to get places quickly, dine in restaurants, walk on the beach and eat steak. Those are risks prudently taken in exchange for something we deem more valuable.

What's the upside of bringing Ebola here? And why on earth is the Obama administration preparing to import non-citizen Ebolees? It's perfectly logical for Americans to ask, "What are we getting out of this?" But the only answer they get is: We can't build a fence around the country!

We're not seeing "panic." What we're seeing is rage that the country is having a deadly disease foist on it for no good reason.

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