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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


There really is an Obama White House censor's office. And the media has been using it.

It's all explained by Paul Farhi in the Washington Post.  Before pool reports are disseminated to the rest of the media, the Obama censors make the "appropriate" changes.  Of course the Post doesn't call it the censor's office, it's referred to as the press office.

I suspect that his story was printed because someone was getting ready to leak it without the excuses that Farhi makes.  He wants us to believe that, in the age of instant electronic communication, the poor press needs the White House to send out news stories.  

This story is total cr*p. It’s designed as cover for the media, telling us that without the Obama White House’s help they could not get their pool reports out. They really expect some people to be gullible enough to believe that it costs something to set up a blog for pool reports. Or to send out a blast e-mail to hundreds or even thousands of news organizations with pool reports. In the era of mass electronic communication via the Internet, how stupid does Paul Farhi think his readers are? Everyone knew that the press were stenographers for Team Obama, not everyone knew that their stories were run through the White House censors office.

When Rush Limbaugh refers to the "State Run media" I thought he was referring to the fact that the press is slavishly attached to Obama and the Democrats.  I didn't realize that they were actually running their stories through an actual Obama censor.

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