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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Where is truth to be found?

What if the "fake news" that's being discussed is not from The Onion or by Macedonian teenagers but from the government and the newspaper that's delivered to our door in the morning? What if the growth of China is not what's being reported by the state run media? What if the press knew all about the Wikileaks e-mails but kept them secret util they were released? What if the unemployment number is so low because people who can't find a job and have stopped looking for jobs are no longer counted as unemployed?

When even the members of the ruling class don't know the truth and are absolutely gobsmacked when their candidate gets shellacked in an election, what happened to the truth?

When the best informed establishment figures wreck their careers by relying on "real news" it raises the possibility that public policy and economic management is based upon a information corrupted by years of political manipulation. It would be like an airline pilot realizing, as he is hurtling down the runway, that the view through the windshield was a matte painting and not real. That means the world could potentially be flying blind with jagged terrain just beneath it without anyone knowing how close it is because we have filtered it out.

That is intolerably dangerous. The facts are necessary for safety. They are necessary for survival. We must learn how to face the truth again and calculate upon it, however hard and ugly it may be. No more Narratives. Never again should we have Narratives, either of the Left or Right variety.

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