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Friday, December 30, 2016

The Russian Hacking Fake News

Remember when the Obama administration told us that the attack on Benghazi was not a terrorist act, but caused by an excitable mob incited by an obscure video that nobody ever saw?   

Hillary stood over the bodies of the dead at Andrews Air force Base and swore to get the obscure little video producer who was responsible to this horrible deed.

The CIA, in the person of General Petraeus, even testified to the Congress that this was the God’s Honest Truth. 

But it was all a lie sent out by the Obama Administration to get them past the general election and distributed as Fake News by the mainstream media. 

And it worked … just long enough to get Obama a second term.

Now Team Obama is telling us that the Russians hacked the election, and the CIA is swearing to it. Another transparent lie put out by the Obama Administration to explain the election of Donald Trump and dutifully echoed by their fellow travelers in the media. 

Fake News redux.

I don’t believe it because I’m not a sucker.

There is no more reason believe that the Russians hacked the DNC and Podesta’s e-mails and passed the info on to WikiLeaks than that Benghazi was the fault of an obscure video.

WikiLeaks denies that they got the information from the Russians, claiming they got them from a disgruntled Democrat inside the DNC. 

That’s how Wikileaks got previous documents from the US government: disgruntled insiders.

Remember Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden?

You can be sure that the WikiLeaks e-mails revealed the genuinely corrupt dealings of the Clinton campaign and the true nature of the Democrat machine. Yet in Obama administration – and an obedient CIA - telling us to ignore the message and focus on the messenger. And the Fake News Media is happy to oblige.

Frankly, I don’t doubt that the Russians are reading our e-mails. I am ready to believe that the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and about 1000 odd hackers in pajamas read all 30,000 of Hillary’s e-mails that she deleted so that we would not read about the solicitation of bribes to the pay-for-play Clinton Foundation. 

But I don’t have any faith that the Russians were the source of the WikiLeaks revelations.

The infallibility of the CIA was exploded several decades ago:

And anyone who believes that is even more gullible than my grandchildren who still believe in fairies. I suspect that many in the press spreading the Fake News don’t believe in it either. But they’re willing to spread the Fake News if it helps the Left and hurts the Right. After all, that’s their side, and lying for the cause is what they do.

As for Obama?

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