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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Press vs. The People

Via Liberty Blitzkreig, data from UC Santa Barbara

What does this graphic tell you?

Considering Donald Trump received 63 million votes and won the election, what does the above graphic tell you? It tells you, in no uncertain terms, that 63 million Americans have effectively no voice within the mainstream press. It tells you that the media is entirely disconnected from, and oblivious to, the concerns of about half the voting public. This actually speaks to a lot of what’s going on — for example, it explains the continued rise of alternative media sites such as this one.

By labeling independent news sites such as Liberty Blitzkrieg “fake news,” the mainstream press is simply trying to come up with any excuse possible to justify its historic failure, as well as promote censorship in a pathetic attempt to regain its former position of cultural influence. Unfortunately for them, this fabricated narrative has it all backwards.

The press' disconnect, it's contempt, for the American public isn't new, but the last election puts it in stark contrast.   The press used the election as an exercise to try to shame the American people into voting for Hillary!   If you voiced support for Trump you were deplorable, and irredeemable.  You were labelled a sucker falling for an obvious con by a huckster. 

Meanwhile ...

The America you lived in had race relations rubbed raw.  The America you lived in was shipping jobs overseas as fast as corporate CEOs could find factory space in Mexico or China.  The America you lived in had universities where Far Left ideological conformity was strictly enforced and males were branded as rapists for existing.   The America you lived in had sky-high gas prices while the government was doing its best to keep vast areas of land off-limits for exploration.  The America you lived in had food prices rising daily but your paycheck was stuck at zero growth.  The America you lived was giving up its leadership status in the world while it's President was telling you to get off your high horse because of the Crusades.   The America you lived in got warm in the summer and cold in the winter and sea levels were pretty much where they had been all your life, but the newspapers were screaming that the earth was drowning ... and it was your fault..  

In an alternative universe the press was telling you that you never had it so good thanks to the wise policies of its leaders ... and if you disagree you're racist.  That race relations where great except for those racist cops out killing innocent young black men who had their hands up begging the cops "don't shoot."  That America was great, had always been great so "Make America Great Again" is stupid slogan, or ... America was never great and doesn't deserve to be great because slavery; pick one.  The press was telling you to vote for Hillary because she has lady parts and that's critically important.  That Trump is Hitler and voting for him made you a Nazi.  The press was dutifully reporting Obama's claim that America had never been more respected in the world, Obama killed Osama and that ISIS was on the run.  In that universe the State of the Union was never better, jobs were being created at a record pace and unemployment had never been so low.  

After the election the press was telling you that Trump won - not because you wanted change - but because the FBI, because of "fake news," and that Putin "hacked" the election. 

I confidently predict that the editors of the Virginian Pilot will look at the graphic above and congratulate themselves on their wisdom.  They will see no disconnect between the press and the public because to them, the public are poor, stupid, uneducated rubes who need to be led by their betters.  And they are your betters. 

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