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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Protest the Virginian Pilot

The Virginian Pilot is part of the vast web of news media that's in the business of disseminating Fake News.

I think they should be subject to the same kind of demonstrations that they have supported by their editorial policies.  I'm not advocating smashing their windows or setting fires like the masked hoodlums in Berkeley, their cultural heirs.  But they should be made aware that people think enough about the poison they inject into the public bloodstream.  What's interesting about the Virginian Pilot is that everything they produce is both physical and cultural trash.    The physical paper is poisoning the planet and what's written on that waste-paper is poisoning the minds of the people who read it and beleive the lies written there.

And it's all done for the profit of the immensely wealthy Batten family that owns it.

Here's a good place to start demonstrating: 150 W Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA

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