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Friday, May 26, 2017

I thought the science was settled.

It seems that every week we hear of a new study that tells us something completely different from the study before. One week eggs are harmful. The next, they're all but the elixir of life. A week later, they might as well be cyanide. It's difficult to keep up.

One constant has been that eating too much dietary fat is bad for your health. In fact, one could call it a scientific consensus.

However, one of the great things about science is that everything is supposed to be questioned, including the accepted notion that dietary fat is bad for you. In fact, Legal Insurrection reports on one study that did and found that fat may not be the poison we've been led to believe.

It turns out that after the low-fat dietary guidelines were published the incidence of obesity and diabetes has exploded.

As LI points out, so many government dietary shibboleths have come crashing down that it's probably a good idea to just ignore whatever Uncle Sam trots out next as the way to eat.

Ditto for government "science" on global warming.

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