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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Trump's budget

Trump’s budget is drawing howls of outrage from the Left. The Washington Establishment is screaming that 3% economic growth is impossible. The New York Times labels Trump’s budget projections merely “improbable” after calling it “austere.”

Before Obama The Lightworker took over, economic growth projections of 4% or better were common. Here are The Lightworker’s growth projections in 2012.
2013 = 6%
2014 = 5.6%
2015 = 5.8%
2016 = 5%
In subsequent years growth projections were lowered by a few fractions of a percentage point but never near the actual abysmal numbers that the economy actually produced. Through the whole Obama administration, there was never a prediction of GDP growth as low as 3%–the level that liberals now deem “improbable” if not “insane.”

The Obama administration was never about economic growth. It was about economic regulation, economic control and economic direction. It was about government control. It was rather miraculous that some parts of the economy escaped the stranglehold of Team Obama to escape and give us the small, struggling economic expansion we actually got.

Freeing the economy from the tentacles of the government has the Ruling Class in a panic. They may actually have to produce something that people want to make a living. That’s why they are working to destroy him.

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