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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Why as Trump Elected? Mark Steyn reminds us.

The Republican base voted for Trumpism: an end to illegal immigration, an end to one-sided trade deals, an end to the spiraling cost of and dwindling access to health care, an end to decade-and-a-half unwon wars, an end to the hyper-regulation of every aspect of American life, an end to freeloader "alliances" like Nato, an end to the toxic bargain of "globalism" wherein all the jobs in your town migrate to the Third World and all the Third World migrates to your town.

Every time I hear someone on the "conservative" side tell Trump to shut up, stop tweeting and become "more presidential" I remind myself that's not what got Trump to where he is and that's not where the people who elected him are.  

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