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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Ace of Spades on taking down NYTimes writer Bruni "professional homosexual and bulimic"

Funny, I always thought (and was taught) that the proper approach for reporters was to be strictly impartial, and that opinion was the purview of the columnists and pundits. Frank Bruni: professional homosexual and bulimic, seems to think that is an antiquated technique, and President Trump should receive negative coverage, with the intensity of its cant presumably decided upon by our betters at the Old Gray Whore on 43rd St.

Too bad Bruni has no sense of the arrant stupidity and arrogance of his beliefs, because otherwise he might begin to understand why Donald Trump is President of The United States of America, and Hillary Clinton is desperately grasping at whatever relevancy is available by cawing and screeching at every camera in sight, and fanatically trying to revisit her and her husband's popularity by booking large venues and then selling dozens of tickets!

Strictly down-the-middle and unbiased is the only way to go, and for Bruni to suggest otherwise is disgusting. He should stick to food writing (he wasn't bad) and tales of his struggles with eating disorders and being gay (he was tedious). At least they will be topics he has some passing familiarity with, because the proper function of the 4th Estate is far beyond his intellectual capacity.

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