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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Who is dividing the Conservative Movement?

Let me count the ways.

Could it be that it was the time when so-called “principled conservatives” decided that they would not support the Republican nominee? Even though Trump has backed and enacted more conservative ideas and programs than any president in memory, the cucks not only turned their backs on him, they actively backed the Democrats.

Rich Lowery’s NR gang called for Trump’s defeat before, during and after the last Presidential election.

Not a day passes without Bill Kristol demanding someone, anyone, deny Trump re-nomination.

“Conservative” columnist George Will left the Republican Party and called for Republicans to lose in a landslide because of Trump.

“Conservative” columnist Jennifer Rubin is a Trump obsessed zealot who changes her position moment by moment to oppose Trump’s even if in the previous moment she professed the exact opposite.

“Conservative” columnist Max Boot has gone on CNN to give the nation 18 reasons why Trump is a Manchurian Candidate controlled by Putin and ready to surrender the US to Russia.

I’m just a humble nobody with no national audience. But those who have that audience have been trying their best to destroy the most effectively conservative president since Reagan. I suspect it’s because they were fine with losing if they were leading the losing team. They were the stars of the political Washington Generals, the were comfortably rich where they were and fear that if the political winds actually change their fecklessness and ineffectiveness will be exposed.

Fortunately, most conservatives support conservative programs and actions no matter who implements them. If your paycheck comes from the Washington Post your honesty may be questionable.

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