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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Mark Steyn: Man interrogated by police for liking a 'transphobic' tweet

Mark Steyn parts the curtain about what's going on in Britain where you can get a call from the police for "liking" a "transphobic" tweet.

The copper assured Harry that "it's not a crime, but it will be recorded as a hate incident". Liking a Tweet doesn't seem much of an "incident", yet in the new Orwellian England it suffices. So, for the record, here's the offending poem, which is not in fact a limerick even if it is a "hate incident":

Your breasts are made of silicone
Your vagina goes nowhere
And we can tell the difference
Even when you are not there
Your hormones are synthetic
And let's just cross this bridge
What you have, you stupid man
Is male privilege.

A land in which the police can lawfully investigate you merely for checking the heart icon underneath such a tweeted verse is no longer free. And the fact that neither the constable nor his superiors are ashamed of the

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