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Friday, January 18, 2019

Karen Pence, Are You Now, or Have You Ever Been, Part of a Christian Ministry?

David French is a Never Trumper and writes for National Review which became the 24/7 organ of Never Trumpers.

He's now trying to ride to the rescue of Karen Pence who's under assualt for practicing her Christian faith by teaching in a Christian school.

Immanuel is a church ministry applying the church’s theology. No one is forced to attend the church. No one is forced to attend the school. It’s a voluntary association that is protected by the First Amendment and rooted in the faith that guides the lives of tens of millions of Americans....

Not only is this not scandalous, but it’s also the exercise of a fundamental First Amendment right. If Lois Romano or Kate Bennett or any other Karen Pence critic wants to argue against Christian theology, then have at it. Most Christians I know welcome the dialogue. But if they want to condemn a woman for the free exercise of her Christian faith? If they want to argue that there’s something inherently wrong with orthodox Christians’ associating, worshipping together, and teaching their children? Well, then they’re exhibiting a deep intolerance that’s at odds with pluralism itself.

This is a great example of why French, National Review and the Never Trumpers lost the culture war. He's whining to be left alone to people who hate Christians. He's accusing Liberals of hypocrisy when that has never, ever, ever been shown to be effective. The Left revels in its hypocrisy because - thanks to people like French, they own the media. They ARE the media. The media creates the worldview that we live in. The only people that French is writing for are people who already agree with him; he's preaching to the choir. And he's in full-time hate mode against the only president in my lifetime who's actually pushing back against the anti-Christan animus of the Left.

Here's his gratuitous swipe at Trump:
How is a statement of faith rooted in ancient religious orthodoxy at all relevant to Trump? If the school followed Trump’s beliefs, it would reject Christian sexual morality and embrace adultery.

Yet Trump is the President who supports the right of organizations that have moral objections to abortion to exclude those procedures from their medical coverage.  He's never called Christians "bitter clingers" or referred to normal people as "deplorables."  Trump has allied himself with Christian faith leaders and actually rescinded regulations that inhibited the public expression of Christian faith.

French is that kind of public intellectual who would rather go to hell if going to heaven meant being led there by a sinner.

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