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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Oh, that Shithole Media!

Poorly sourced, slanted reporting has become the new standard among prestige media. Three weeks ago, a little girl, black, was shot and killed in a Houston parking lot; initial reports that the shooter was white turned a local police item into national news. The New York Times ran stories on the case for days, exploring the implications of targeted, race-based murder in an age of intolerance. When it emerged that the child was killed by two black gang members gunning for their enemies, coverage of the story ceased....

. . . Over the last year, we've seen a spate of cellphone videos capturing petty disputes amplified across social media and reported in the national media--as long as the footage depicts a white person complaining to or about a black person doing something relatively minor. Whether the incidents in question have anything to do with race is unimportant. Pushing the narrative that Trump has ignited a firestorm of white racism across the country requires a continual flow of stories making that point, regardless of accuracy or context. . .

Remember that Nathan Phillips and his group got to frame the narrative that produced such rage against the Covington boys -- before the activists knew that another video existed. "And if that longer video hadn't existed, Phillips would have succeeded in the technique that Professor Jacobson has described, because no one would have believed the students against the word of this righteous Native American elderly guy."

Main action item: if you are ever in a position where you may encounter hostile leftists, have video running before you encounter them. Because otherwise, the videos will start when they start screaming.

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