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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

The Romney/Establishment Attack on Trump Is All About Open Borders, and Always Has Been

Ace of Spades:

Dave Reaboi makes different points than I have in mind, but he makes the basic point: all this shrieking about "character" by the neocons, liberal Republicans, and Establishment types is just some ideological camouflage to disguise the real objection to Trump, that is, that it's racist to oppose Open Borders.

They don't want to say that -- they believe it intensely, but they don't want to admit they share yet another key ideological premise with their close cousins on the globalist hard left -- so they pretend this is all about a rather small difference in free trade and the tactics to achieve actual free trade and, of course, about "character."

It's not. It's just that these people have such low character -- they are inveterate liars and are long practiced in misrepresenting their beliefs and their intentions to the voters they con into voting them into power -- that they lie without a thought about it.

They will go on lying about it. Bill Kristol, Mitt Romney, Jonah Goldberg, almost all of National Review, etc., will continue playing hide-the-ball regarding their real views on immigration -- which are open borders in all but name, just keep doing what we're doing, which is virtually nothing (which is why the open borders people endorse our current #FakeNews immigration enforcement) -- acting as perfect cowards in refusing to clearly announce their actual beliefs and preferences and pretending this is all merely a dispute about "character."

Well it is -- in a way. They believe that anyone who opposes their de facto open borders position is a racist and therefore has bad "character."

They just won't say so. They've grown accustomed to lying to their readers, constituents, and voters about just how monstrously racist and evil they believe them to be. They only gain the courage to state these beliefs forthrightly when, like Max Boot, they officially defect to the liberal Democrat camp.

Read the whole thing.

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