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Sunday, November 28, 2021

When there are not enough Indigenous People, they have to invent them

 Back to fake Indians, we have this story coming from Canada. Carrie Bourassa was marketed as one of the nation's leading experts in indigenous people's health. She got all dressed up. She gave what was supposedly her real name, and it's all a lie ...

Of course, the bombshell is that this woman is of European descent. Also, it was her colleagues that called her out. Bourassa is now on academic leave following this revelation, along with the removal from her government advisory roles 

CBC reported that people who worked with Bourassa had expressed disquiet about her account of her ancestry, and some examined her genealogical records, which reportedly showed that her ancestors were of Russian, Polish and Czechoslovakian descent.

In an email to CBC, Bourassa said she had been adopted as M├ętis by a friend of her grandfather and had subsequently been adopted into other communities. She accused the broadcaster of running a “smear campaign” against her, adding she was “shocked and dismayed at the recent attack on my identity”.

If a man can be a woman why can't a European Russian, Pole and Chech be a Canadian Indian?