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Saturday, November 06, 2021

Is Covid-19 a Bioweapon Deliberately Spread by China?

 Benjamin Weingarten ponders The US Intel Community’s Odd Case Against COVID-19 as a Bioweapon

The intelligence community (IC) recently declassified the detail backing its predictably inconclusive, highly equivocal analysis of the Chinese coronavirus’s origin. Remarkably, the sole point on which intelligence officials seem confident—that COVID-19 was not a bioweapon, the most disturbing theory of all—is the one on which they provide the thinnest, weakest, and most oddly-approached argument. ..

According to the newly-released analysis, the “IC assesses China did not develop SARS-CoV-2 as a biological weapon.” [To justify this postiion is claims that]

  • ... bioweapon allegations are rooted in “scientifically invalid claims,” and 
  • ... that proponents lack “direct access to the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” or 
  • ... [proponents]“are suspected of spreading disinformation.”

Two of these three points do not actually refute the claim. They merely call into question the credibility of the claimants. One only counters the claim vaguely

The IC points readers to an annex for further reading wherein the IC, in an apparent bid to bolster its case, combats the argument of a single unnamed Hong Kong virologist, who worked in a WHO-affiliated lab. Said virologist, presumably Dr. Li-meng Yan, contends that the coronavirus was a bioweapon created by Beijing and intentionally released by researchers. Analysts write that this doctor’s view is: “inconsistent with available technical information on coronaviruses … [and] that … [her] articles contain several technical inaccuracies and omit key data points …. The scientific community did not peer review these articles and some publicly rejected the articles’ claims as scientifically unsound.” 

It does not rule out the bioweapon theory by addressing the basic questions it ought to have considered such as:

  • Do Chinese authorities have the will and capability to develop and deploy a bioweapon akin to the Chinese coronavirus?
  • Would they have had a motive to develop and deploy one in late 2019?
  • What would the cost-benefit analysis have looked like in the eyes of the ruling communist regime?
  • What direct evidence is there, if any, to suggest or dispel the idea China intentionally created and/or released the coronavirus?


So here are some answers to these questions.

  1. The Chinese actually developed the virus so that answers the question of capability.
  2. They had a motive: to get rid of President Trump, the first modern American President able and willing to stand up to them. 
  3. They had every reason to believe that they would find an ally in the American Ruling Class, in the American Media, and the FBI/CIA/DOJ.
  4. In releasing the virus globally, they were able to create pressure to panic Western governments into shutting down their economies as the primary defense against the virus.  
  5. They had every reason to believe that leaders in government health agencies like Anthony Fauci would do their utmost to create a false narrative about the origin of the virus to hide the fact that they actually had a hand in funding the research that created the virus.
  6. They knew that many leading corporations, Ruling Class figures, including members of the Biden family, were financially enmeshed in business dealings with the Chinese Communist Party.
  7. They also believed that the US Government would be unwilling to blame China for deliberately spreading Covid because that would be considered an act of war.  

They managed to get Biden elected, reversing all of Trump's pro-America and anti-China initiatives.  Biden has fulfilled their fondest dreams, including exacerbating internal dissension in the US where half the country now no longer trusts the government. 

Conclusion: their gamble paid off.