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Friday, July 08, 2005

Growing You Own Terrorists

Some more thoughts on the London bombings from the Belmont Club.

First, the political class of Britain (and the Left internationally) has, due to Political Correctness, refused to identify the threat within it’s borders.

Click on the links and read the whole thing.

What the Butler Saw

Mark Steyn talks about the absurdities highlighted by the London bombings. We profess to smile, he says, until we are forced to cry. Then like fools, we smile again.
As I wrote in The Daily Telegraph last March, "History repeats itself: farce, farce, farce, but sooner or later tragedy is bound to kick in." ... To three high-profile farces, we now have that high-profile tragedy, of impressive timing. ... the jihad, via one of its wholly owned but independently operated subsidiaries, scheduled an atrocity for the start of the G8 summit and managed to pull it off - at a time when ports and airports and internal security were all supposed to be on heightened alert. That's quite a feat.
From sanctuaries forever exempt from attack by the "political class" attacks are hatched against which no protection is offered is except passive defense, a passive defense that is bound to fail because "one day - on Monday or Wednesday, in January or November, when an immigration official or a luggage checker is a bit absent-minded and distracted" an attacker is bound to slip through.


Waiting for Disaster

Christopher Hitchens thinks the London attackers may have been homegrown. In an article in Slate, Hitchens argued the attacks were timed to coincide with specifically British public events, the G8 meeting in Edinburgh, the successful Olympic hosting bid and the imminent extradition trial of the hook-handed Mullah Abu Hamza al Mazri. Therefore:

This would mean that the cell or gang was homegrown, rather than smuggled in from North Africa or elsewhere. Or it could mean coordination between the two. In any event, there are two considerations here. The first is Britain's role as a leading member of the "Coalition" in Iraq and Afghanistan. The second is its role as a host to a large and growing Muslim minority. The first British citizens to be killed in Afghanistan were fighting for the Taliban, which is proof in itself that the Iraq war is not the original motivating force. Last year, two British Muslims pulled off a suicide attack at an Israeli beach resort. In many British cities, there are now demands for sexual segregation in schools and for separate sharia courts to try Muslim defendants.

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