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Friday, July 08, 2005

Michelle Malkin Chimes In on British Terrorists

Evan also points to this blood-boiling story about Guerbouzi in The UK Mirror, detailing how he's been living comfortably in a flat just blocks from Downing Street with his wife and six kids despite being accused of playing a key role in the Madrid atrocity, as well as a dozen suicide bombings in Casablanca last May which left 33 dead.

How the hell was he able to stay in the country, when Morocco has had an outstanding international warrant for his arrest since 2003? Scotland Yard explained:

"We don't have any extradition treaty with Morocco and no evidence has been submitted before the courts to consider an arrest."

This problem, according to War on Terror analysts, has contributed to Britain becoming a safe haven for many other radical Islamist leaders and their followers. Found this buried in a UK Mirror piece:

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